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You are here: Benefits of Using BIM for Small ProjectsEdited on: 2014-07-07

Benefits of Using BIM for Small Projects:

Faghihi, V.; Kang, J. () "Benefits of Using BIM for Small Projects", BIM: Reality Check and Future Agenda - Poster

Benefits of Using BIM for Small Projects



In recent years, BIM has proven its benefits in handling design conflicts and project workability for complex projects. In addition to these complex and huge projects, there are lots of smaller projects that still are having problem to deal with reworks and cost overruns. Knowing that most construction projects issued by the clients are less than $5M in their budgets, one may be wondering what benefits the clients can gain from applying BIM to their construction projects.



More links: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/233762608_Benefits_of_Using_BIM_for_Small_Projects

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