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BIM Efficiency in Projects Smaller than $5M:

Faghihi, V. and Kang, J. () "BIM Efficiency in Projects Smaller than $5M", 2012 CRC PhD Student Poster Session Proceedings - Poster

BIM Efficiency in Projects Smaller than $5M



These days by increasingly use of BIM as a tools for AEC industry to make projects more workable before hitting the job-site, many companies have gain huge benefits from this usage. In AEC industry, mostly big companies with gigantic projects are more interested in using BIM as a tool to solve the complexity of their projects. The 3D model of these kinds of projects will help the project managers as well as the other project crews to have better understanding of the projects before doing anything. In addition to the visualization of the project, BIM tools can provide clash detection reports by which the project could encounter less reworks and change orders, meaning increase in workability. Although the use of BIM tools are very beneficial in large projects and could save a lot of money solving above mentioned problems, smaller projects could gain benefits from using these tools. The projects with budget below $5M are considered as smaller project in size in the research. To show this stated benefit, a project with the defined budget limit (<$5M) has been selected and investigated. In the investigation process, which is about to finish, several job-site visits have been conducted and the major clashes happened in the project have been capture on photos. These clashes were mainly between MEP system and the steel structure. By creating the 3D model of MEP and combine it with Structural and Architectural 3D models the real world clashes were detected. In the next step, by conducting several interviews with construction professionals, the amount of money that could be saved using BIM tools before starting the project could be determined. This finding could show the real cost benefit of using BIM as a helping tools for project smaller than $5M.



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